About Us

Our farm and ranch is located between Faith and Dupree, South Dakota, in the heart of ranching country.  Our cattle herd currently consists of about 200 registered Angus cows, 70 registered 1A Red Angus cows,  and about 120 commercial, high-percentage Angus cows.

How It All Started

Twenty years ago, we bought a handful of registered Angus cows, so we’d have herd bulls to use in our commercial herd.  We fell in love with our registered herd and kept all our females back for a number of years.  This, in addition to buying a handful of registered heifers and cows from reputable ranchers and friends along the way, created the foundation of our herd.  Since we continued to grow our herd beyond bulls we could use ourselves, we decided to pass on these genetics that have worked so well for us, in hopes that they work just as well for other ranchers and seedstock producers.   

Our Philosophy

We actively cull cows and bulls in order to retain desirable traits that we feel are important to pass on in our herd and in our customers’ herds.

The following are a few traits important to us:

  1. All of our cows must be fertile as we only allow a 45-day breeding window.  Too much money is lost in dry cows and late calvers.  We aim for maximum profitability in our herd, and that starts with cows that raise calves every year they are in production.
  2. We want cows that are producers because we rely on our cows, not creep feed, to raise calves.
  3. We expect our cows and bulls to be structurally sound all-around.  We require all animals in our herd to have good foot structure, our cows to have good udders, our bulls to have tight sheaths, etc.  We expect our herd to be top-notch, and we strive to pass these important traits onto each of our customers.
  4. We expect every cow and bull to be docile.  Wild cows cost too much time and money.  Also, it is important to us that our kids grow up safely around our cattle herd, and as our customer, we wish your family that same opportunity.

You will not find a bull in the bull sale that we wouldn’t use in our own herd!

We extend an invitation for you to come out and see us anytime. We love to talk cows, and the coffee is always hot!


Justin & Somer Garrigan
(Quentin & Karsin)
16642 216th Ave.
Dupree, SD 57623
Home (605) 739-3109
Cell (605) 280-9220

Riley & Cally Garrigan
(Madelyn & Gracie)
16699 216th Ave.
Dupree, SD 57623
Home (605) 739-3901
Cell (605) 280-9722